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Cooking for life and eating well are important for everyone, but they are essential for people living with, through and beyond cancer. Cancer Support Community and Giant Eagle Market District® Kingsdale host monthly classes where wellness chefs and dietitians demonstrate how to make easy and nutritious dishes that are packed with antioxidants and flavor. Each class has a featured topic, recipes and menu tasting. Attend one or all of the classes with your family, children and friends!

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Cooking for Wellness: Cook Along

This cooking class gives you the opportunity to join us virtually in your own kitchen and cook along with our chef! We will provide a recipe and a list of kitchen equipment you will need. It will be a great interactive time to get pointers and tips from our chef and dietitian and a new recipe for your dinner!

To make the most of the Cook Along experience we would like you to mise en place the recipes. Mise en place is a French cooking term that means “everything in its place.” A chef’s secret to a well timed dish is mise en place. The first step for every recipe is to read the entire recipe from start to finish before doing anything! That means before buying groceries, before pulling out a knife or a cutting board—read the recipe!

For the October 8th Cook Along please mise en place by completing the following steps before class starts:

  1. Print your recipe
  2. Cook the rice in the vegetable stock (or water)
  3. Have all your vegetables washed and ready to cut
  4. Have all your other ingredients out and pre-measured in small cups (or, at a minimum, have your measuring spoons and cups out to measure as you go)

Cooking for Wellness with Central Ohio Urology Group

Join our culinary team for a special Cooking for Wellness series tailored to the specific needs of anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis. Following each Cooking for Wellness session, a doctor from Central Ohio Urology Group will discuss topics that are relevant to the lives of those impacted by prostate cancer.

The Cooking for Wellness session will begin at 4:00 PM, followed by the presentation. These programs will be held on the first Thursday of each month. Please refer to our program calendar for dates.

Learn healthy lifestyle techniques to feel, look and perform your best.

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