LGBTQ Cancer Support Group Coming to Central Ohio

We are proud to announce the formation of our LGBTQ Cancer Support Group in collaboration with Stonewall Columbus. This group was created to help members of the LGBTQ community process and express the feelings and thoughts that often accompany the cancer journey. Anyone affected by cancer, whether you are a person who has been diagnosed or you care for someone who has been diagnosed, is welcome to attend. Our group will provide a safe, confidential and respectful environment to connect with and provide mutual support to other LGBTQ community members. Each session will be facilitated by a licensed professional and will function as a peer-directed community group.

Please call 614-884-4673 to speak to our Cancer Support Group facilitator for more information or to register. Those wishing to participate in the group must speak to our group facilitator before being admitted to the group. In order to respect the privacy of those who choose to attend, we do not publish the dates and times of this particular program.

Stonewall Columbus

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