Hope is Always There by Michael Elmer

Cancer has made me an orphan.

Cancer has desensitized me to death.

Cancer left a hole in me.

Each time the healing begins, another loss recreates the hole. In the scoreboard of life, the score is tied. I have lost two  family members and I have two others who continue to fight. The two who fight use hope as their chosen weapon.

The hope that we all share is created within and with the support of family and the community. Hope creates the  positive attitude that allows one to take a step back to remember their life’s priorities. As we move through life at a  tremendous and demanding speed, we never feel a need to use hope. Then life throws you a curve ball and you begin  to reach for hope. Funny thing is, hope is always there and will always be there.

I am part of an amazing community that is full of hope. For the past four years, I have honored my parents by serving on the board of Cancer Support Community Central Ohio. During this time, we have heard the tearful stories and witnessed the good that a positive environment can do for our participants. This inclusive community that provides free service has offered a boost to help the fighters and those who support them. The community shares the journey and becomes the copilot – the copilot who lifts from the lows and celebrates the highs.

Fortunately, my body has not been touched by cancer; however; if it is, I know I have a community of care and hope ready to welcome me.

Written by: Michael Elmer, Cancer Support Community Central Ohio Board of Directors Member

Michael Elmer & Parents

(Pictured Above: Michael Elmer & Parents)



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