Exciting New Programming at Cancer Support Community

Several new groups have been implemented at Cancer Support Community and in the surrounding area over the last few months. We are so pleased to be reaching a broader region and meeting more specific needs at the same time.

Write to Heal: A Journaling Workshop – Everyone has a story.  When cancer enters our life, we may feel that we have lost control of our story. Thoughts can begin to ruminate, emotions may be difficult to express and you may feel like you are at a loss of words. Journaling is an exceptional way to express yourself in a safe and creative manner. This class teaches different journaling techniques. One participant states, “I gained needed insight after doing the journaling exercises. I was then able to explain how I was feeling to my family more easily.” Whether you have been keeping a journal since you were a kid or you have never tried, this class can be beneficial.  All journaling is kept private; you never have to share anything unless you wish to. Join us on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Metastatic Support Group – This group is for anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of metastatic cancer. Metastatic cancer is cancer that has spread from the place where it first started to another place in the body. The type of progression with cancer diagnosis can bring up a distinctive set of issues. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and gain strength and hope from each other. During the first group, participants reported leaving the group “feeling happy” and “being encouraged.” Anyone living with metastatic cancer and their support persons are welcome to join us on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30.

LGBTQ Support Group – Cancer Support Community is proud to partner with Stonewall Columbus to provide a LGBTQ cancer support group. This group was created to help members of the LGBTQ community endure the effects of living with cancer. This group is for anyone affected by cancer, whether you are a person who has been diagnosed or you care for someone who has been diagnosed. Our group will offer a safe, confidential and respectful environment where you are able to connect with other LGBTQ community members and hear about their experiences. The group is intended to provide mutual support and a safe space to express the thoughts and feelings that often accompany the cancer journey. Those wishing to participate in the group may call 614-884-4673 to speak to our group facilitator for more information and to register.

 Prison Support Group – Cancer Support Community exist so that no one faces cancer alone and we are glad to partner with Franklin Medical Center to reach inmates diagnosed with cancer. Franklin Medical Center is a unique correctional facility; it has three medical units providing inpatient medical services to inmate-patients in need of intensive skilled medical and nursing care. Two units house patients with short-term needs. The third unit provides specialized care for those patients with significant long-term medical needs and/or with significant physical disabilities. There are approximately 50 inmates at any one time who have been diagnosed with cancer. Some have received the diagnosis during their incarceration.  We have begun monthly support group at the prison. Inmates are often unaware of others around them who may be diagnosed with a similar disease. This group is providing a safe atmosphere for inmates to meet other cancer survivors and they can are encouraged to provide support to one another within the group and outside of group times also. As this program grows our hope is to reach out to family members of the inmates and offer a community for those providing support from a distance. If you are a family member of an incarcerated survivor and are looking for support call 614-884-4673 for more information.


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