Confidentiality Policy


    In addition to its own confidential corporate, financial, personnel and other data, the Cancer Support Community Central Ohio (CSC CO) is also the custodian of confidential data supplied by participants and staff and online opportunities. Staff, vendors, contractors and others who have access to any of this data are held to the highest stands of accountability for the preservation of confidentiality. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law or in the performance of professional duties required by Cancer Support Community Central Ohio.


    In the context of this policy, confidential information includes, but is not limited to, participant and/or medical information submitted as part of Welcome to Wellness, support groups, any educational or support programs, or any special projects; proprietary corporate information, including personnel and financial files and planning documents; reports and other data submitted to the Cancer Support Community; and computer passwords and server access information. It is presumed that all information is considered confidential, unless otherwise clearly stated.


    It is the policy of the CSC CO that employees, contractors, and any other individuals or organizations do not disclose, divulge, or make accessible confidential information under the control of the corporation.


    To maintain confidentiality and to ensure data protection, the following procedures should be instituted:

    • • Employees must log off their computers at the end of the day
    • • Those accessing the server must be sure that it is locked down after accessing it
    • • Confidential personnel, financial or local facility information, such as Vital Signs reports, must be stored in locked file cabinets at the close of the day
    • • Any digital files containing confidential information should be password protected and the password must be registered with the Executive Director

    Those in possession or control of confidential information are expected to take every necessary measure to protect that information. It is recognized, however, that such information may be discussed/shared in controlled settings, such as during supervision, or as part of the data analysis phase of research.

    At the end of the individual's employment, the end of a contract, or the end of any relationship with CSC CO, each individual shall return, upon request of CSC CO, all documents, papers, other materials, digital files, or other media which may contain or be derived from confidential information.


    In the event that an employee, contractor or other person trusted with confidential information by the Cancer Support Community is found to have abused that trust, Cancer Support Community may take whatever legal steps are necessary to recover abrogate contracts, or seek other legal remedy. If you have any questions about this Confidentiality Policy, please contact the chairman of the Board.


    I, , an employee, independent contractor, intern, or other individual affiliated with Cancer Support Community Central Ohio (CSC CO), have read, understand, and accept the Confidentially Policy of CSC CO.

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