Youth and Family

Browse activities designed for youth, teens and families to share experiences while building support and friendship. Our hands-on, family-oriented programs can help children improve their emotional vocabulary and learn to express feelings in a positive way, while deepening self-awareness and self-confidence. Families have the opportunity to make lasting memories while learning communication tools and coping mechanisms to regain a sense of control over their lives, together.

Upcoming Youth and Family Programs


KidSupport aims to reach young people living with cancer in the family. It complements other programs offered by Cancer Support Community to help children acquire a greater sense of control over their lives. Programs provide young people with age-appropriate information about cancer and its treatment, offer parents help in addressing common cancer-related misconceptions, promote children’s discussions about their feelings and experiences, teach children coping skills and promote family communication about cancer. For details and upcoming dates, please call 614.884.HOPE (4673) or email Angie Santangelo, Clinical Program Director.

How Do I Tell the Kids?

Even as an adult, learning about a cancer diagnosis is life changing. How Do I Tell the Kids? is a publication in Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series, Frankly Speaking About Cancer®, for parents to learn how to communicate the necessary information to children of all ages.

For more information, please call 614.884.HOPE (4673) or email Angie Santangelo, Clinical Program Director.

KidSupportand How Do I Tell the Kids? are supported by  The John F. Grothaus Memorial Fund, and The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.


Sibling Art Program

A cancer diagnosis impacts everyone in the family. The siblings of a child with cancer often have difficulty with the changes in family dynamics that occur as a result of the need for parents to spend time caring for their sick child. Led by a certified art therapist, the Sibling Art Program designed for brothers and sisters of a child with cancer, where they can participate in art activities that are intended to foster creativity and experimentation in an atmosphere of shared experiences, conversation and freedom of expression.

For details and upcoming dates, please call 614.884.HOPE (4673) or email Angie Santangelo, Clinical Program Director.

Support for the Sibling Art Program is provided by the Delaware County Foundation.



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