Art and Creativity

Integrating art therapy into your journey can help ease and enrich the healing process for people with cancer as well as their caregivers, families, children and friends. We offer artistic, written and other outlets for cultivating your creativity, building self-awareness, lessening stress and expressing emotions that may be difficult to verbalize. No prior art experience is required. Who knows, you may uncover a hidden talent!

Art and Creative Programs

Write to Heal: Journaling Workshop Everyone has a story; every life is entwined with others, producing a masterpiece. When cancer enters our lives we often feel like we have lost control of that story. It is possible to continue to write your own story when the unthinkable happens. Come and learn how to use journaling as a way to take control of your story again.

The Journey We explore a variety of subjects to open the mind, body, and spirit including experiential healing modalities, guided visual meditations, DVD’s to cultivate wisdom, inspiring musical instrumentation, and “plain ole” laughter to inspire our healing.

Drumming Circle Therapeutic drumming has been shown to reduce tension and stress, boost the immune system, and help control chronic pain. Join us and find enjoyment and relaxation in the rhythmic beat of the drums. No experience or equipment necessary.

What Do You Say, Come Crochet on Friday! This class will teach participants the basics of crochet, how to read a pattern, and the finishing skills needed to help make your project pop! All skill levels are welcome and materials will be provided.

Upcoming Art and Creative Programs

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