Make a Donation

Donations from individuals like you are the lifeblood of Cancer Support Community. Without them, we certainly would not be able to do what we do every day at no cost to participants. And as the generation of baby boomers continues to age, the demand for our programs and resources climbs, too. That means your donation is crucial in our effort to provide education, courage and hope to everyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

Circle of Hope: A Monthly Giving Club

Our Circle of Hope is your opportunity to make a consistent and positive impact on Central Ohioans who are affected by cancer. As a member of the Circle of Hope, you will receive regular updates about how your donations are making a difference.

Did you know?

  • A monthly donation of $25 allows us to host one support group session.
  • A monthly donation of $30 covers the costs of one person whose life has been affected by cancer to attend classes for an entire year.
  • A monthly donation of $50 allows us to reach underserved people by hosting one of our classes or programs at an off-site location.
  • A monthly donation of $100 pays for two children who have a family member with cancer to attend our KidSupport™ program and other family-friendly programs at Cancer Support Community.
  • A monthly donation of $500 enables us to add one new monthly program at Cancer Support Community.