Ruth’s Experience with Guided Patient Services

In honor of Private Professional Patient Advocate Week, we are featuring Annette Ticoras, M.D., of Guided Patient Services. Annette has shared the story of one of her patients, Ruth, who had an extremely successful experience with Guided Patient Services, located in Westerville, Ohio. To learn more about Ruth’s story, keep reading! “In mid October of 2015, Ruth… Read more.

Three Reasons Why Creative Arts Heal

Who would have thought that molding warm clay, dancing the cha-cha, or pursuit of countless other creative options could make a meaningful impact on your health and fitness – but it’s true! Creative arts are not only fun. They heal. #1 Reduced Chronic Stress – Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol instructs the body… Read more.

24 Tips to Consider as a Caregiver

We know that a cancer diagnosis is difficult on patients, but we also know it is as equally challenging on their caregivers. Cancer Support Community is aware of the toll that cancer takes on everyone who is affected by it, so here is a list of tips from UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center designed to help… Read more.