Hope for the Holidays

Tori was experiencing pain and fatigue that she thought were related to her work as a Sous Chef and a second job as seasonal Food and Beverage Manager. In those jobs, the Bellefontaine native regularly lifted heavy cases of products and worked 70 or more hours a week. Her doctors told her she was fine,… Read more.

There Is Strength To Be Found In Sharing The Journey

Dr. David Houchens spent 35 years in preclinical and clinical cancer research in a variety of cancer types. He directed laboratory studies and coordinated research efforts related to prevention, detection, and treatment at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, and at Battelle Memorial Institute, as well as in a private bio-tech firm here… Read more.

This Place Is Like A Flower, by Debbie Beyer

“It’s like a flower to me.” That’s how Rosalyn Green describes Cancer Support Community. Rosalyn is a regular attendee at the Qigong, Tai Chi and Gentle Yoga classes, which she says bring her peace of mind and help give her a better understanding of her body. “It’s like I’m blossoming and growing. I’m learning who… Read more.

A Place of So Many Thank Yous

One sentence, three words— “You have cancer.” Hearing this once is enough for an entire lifetime, but for Cheryl Eddy, that was not case. Over the last five years, Cheryl has been burdened with hearing that message three times. But throughout these years, she has managed to beat the odds and she continues on her… Read more.

My Cancer Journey: Scotch, Wigs and Board Service, by Susan Haller

I first discovered my own “breast cancer suspicion” stepping out of a shower in Stamford, Connecticut, in the spring of 1995. After noticing some shape anomalies, I muttered a few unpleasant observances and continued with my day. I had just extended a business trip to spend a few days with my mom, who was on… Read more.

Hope is Always There by Michael Elmer

Cancer has made me an orphan. Cancer has desensitized me to death. Cancer left a hole in me. Each time the healing begins, another loss recreates the hole. In the scoreboard of life, the score is tied. I have lost two  family members and I have two others who continue to fight. The two who… Read more.

The Quilt That Brought Carol to Cancer Support Community

There are many wonderful things we have to be thankful for here at Cancer Support Community, but our amazing  team of volunteers sits at the top of our list. Without them, we would not be able to make such a heavy impact on  the lives of the thousands of central Ohioans who have been directly… Read more.

Kevin Arway’s Story

Meet Kevin Arway. He is a husband to Traci and a father to three wonderful children- Kieran, Lillian and Addison. Kevin has shared his moving story here, including the impact Cancer Support Community has had in his life. Traci has offered another view of the Arway family’s heartwarming story, along with her perspective on how Cancer Support Community has… Read more.

Rev. David W. Nuhfer’s Survivor Story

I am a cancer survivor. In February 1983, I was told something I had never imagined hearing. “You have testicular cancer,” the doctor said. “We need to operate and remove the tumor, then go from there.” I was 26, healthy and had no reason to believe my life was about to change. I had two… Read more.

Nick Mendedis’ Survivor Story

There are many reasons why the staff members at Cancer Support Community love waking up every morning and coming to work. However, there is one reason that stands out amongst them all: knowing that we have made a difference in someone’s life for the better. Each year we welcome new cancer patients, survivors and caregivers… Read more.