Meet Pete

My Today There is no explaining how you feel when your doctor says, “you have cancer.” This diagnosis was so overwhelming that I was not myself, and my temper, patience, and ability to reason effectively changed greatly. Not having much of a support network in town, other than close family, made it even more difficult… Read more.

Don’t Go on a Walk Without Your Sunblock!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “it is estimated that nearly 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day.” Summertime is the easiest time to skip proper care of your skin. However, your chances of getting skin cancer are increased by not taking care of your skin. The National Council on Skin… Read more.

Stress 101

Stress 101 Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand with a cancer diagnosis. Moreover, just because your active treatment has ended doesn’t mean the stress and anxiety will as well. You may worry about whether the treatment really worked. Or your cancer treatments may have brought changes to your body that you need to adapt to. You… Read more.

Return to Sex & Intimacy – For Cancer Survivors and their Partners

    Michael J. Russer and Jacqueline V. Lopez are partners who work together to help others understand the challenges of maintaining a romantic relationship while being faced with cancer. They are aware, and experience every day, the possibilities of changing these challenges into extraordinary emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy. Their mission is to “assist cancer… Read more.

How to Let Stress Empower You, by Rob Rutledge, MD, Oncologist

As part of an experiment, you are asked to give an impromptu five-minute speech about your personal weaknesses.  You stand in front of a video camera and bright lights – two ‘observers’ who have been instructed to snicker, shake their heads disapprovingly, and whisper to one another throughout your presentation. At the conclusion of your… Read more.

All of Us, by Tom Thon

I have been a resident of Columbus for over 35 years. My business career has been in media, primarily managing radio stations. As radio stations are licensed by the federal government, licensees are required to “give back” to their respective communities–usually by PSA’s and other related public affairs programming. So I experienced the requirement of… Read more.

Taking Time to Plan

We have begun discussing the issue of End of Life Planning here at Cancer Support Community Central Ohio. I have been a part of numerous group discussions that have led to several individual conversations. “End of Life” planning can be such a loaded topic! For many just saying the words brings feelings of anxiety and… Read more.

Meet Tom!

A cancer diagnosis impacts each person differently, and each person copes in their own way with a vast range of  emotion. For cancer survivor Tom Heinmiller that was no exception. Tom found his outlet through writing, which can be  very therapeutic for cancer survivors. Before being diagnosed with cancer, Tom had an enormously successful career… Read more.