My Cancer Journey: Scotch, Wigs and Board Service, by Susan Haller

I first discovered my own “breast cancer suspicion” stepping out of a shower in Stamford, Connecticut, in the spring of 1995. After noticing some shape anomalies, I muttered a few unpleasant observances and continued with my day. I had just extended a business trip to spend a few days with my mom, who was on… Read more.

Hope is Always There by Michael Elmer

Cancer has made me an orphan. Cancer has desensitized me to death. Cancer left a hole in me. Each time the healing begins, another loss recreates the hole. In the scoreboard of life, the score is tied. I have lost two  family members and I have two others who continue to fight. The two who… Read more.

Taking Time to Plan

We have begun discussing the issue of End of Life Planning here at Cancer Support Community Central Ohio. I have been a part of numerous group discussions that have led to several individual conversations. “End of Life” planning can be such a loaded topic! For many just saying the words brings feelings of anxiety and… Read more.

Ruth’s Experience with Guided Patient Services

In honor of Private Professional Patient Advocate Week, we are featuring Annette Ticoras, M.D., of Guided Patient Services. Annette has shared the story of one of her patients, Ruth, who had an extremely successful experience with Guided Patient Services, located in Westerville, Ohio. To learn more about Ruth’s story, keep reading! “In mid October of 2015, Ruth… Read more.

Meet Tom!

A cancer diagnosis impacts each person differently, and each person copes in their own way with a vast range of  emotion. For cancer survivor Tom Heinmiller that was no exception. Tom found his outlet through writing, which can be  very therapeutic for cancer survivors. Before being diagnosed with cancer, Tom had an enormously successful career… Read more.

The Quilt That Brought Carol to Cancer Support Community

There are many wonderful things we have to be thankful for here at Cancer Support Community, but our amazing  team of volunteers sits at the top of our list. Without them, we would not be able to make such a heavy impact on  the lives of the thousands of central Ohioans who have been directly… Read more.

Kevin Arway’s Story

Meet Kevin Arway. He is a husband to Traci and a father to three wonderful children- Kieran, Lillian and Addison. Kevin has shared his moving story here, including the impact Cancer Support Community has had in his life. Traci has offered another view of the Arway family’s heartwarming story, along with her perspective on how Cancer Support Community has… Read more.

Three Simple Diet Changes to Get You Feeling Stronger and Healthier

Health and wellness is important for all of us, but especially for those living with cancer. The food choices you make each day will directly affect how you feel. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, food choices matter. Make it a priority to live a healthy lifestyle. Wake up each morning feeling happier,… Read more.

Rev. David W. Nuhfer’s Survivor Story

I am a cancer survivor. In February 1983, I was told something I had never imagined hearing. “You have testicular cancer,” the doctor said. “We need to operate and remove the tumor, then go from there.” I was 26, healthy and had no reason to believe my life was about to change. I had two… Read more.

Three Reasons Why Creative Arts Heal

Who would have thought that molding warm clay, dancing the cha-cha, or pursuit of countless other creative options could make a meaningful impact on your health and fitness – but it’s true! Creative arts are not only fun. They heal. #1 Reduced Chronic Stress – Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol instructs the body… Read more.